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Handicraft manufacturers

Organizing for suppliers and managing demand is a major task for manufacturers. Maintaining ethnicity and authenticity in work, the handicraft manufactures display the best creations in animal figures, pottery work, lamps, glass works and also a series of wood work.

The demand for Indian handicraft items is always there and amazing pieces of jewelry in the handmade variety are always a special demand. Exquisite paintings adorn the walls of most homes which is the creation of flawless art by eminent artists. Products pertaining to religious rituals and rites are also a part of artistic creations in brass, copper and other materials.

The handicraft items like bead work are also an impressive piece of art which is created to adorn window sills as well as wall hangings. Jewelry boxes in marble, minakari works for boxes as well as furnishings like patch work and appliqué work are also seen in leading shops.

Dolls and toys are also a part of Indian handicraft. The wooden hand painted toys as well as the artistic works of art on a pot or urn is also special.

Displaying the best styles in furnishing and textiles, there are several other accessories for a home, which include table mat, durries as well as rugs and doormats.

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